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Is TruthFinder Free? Pricing & Cost explained

By Matt Callenburn

August 12, 2020

As far as background checks are concerned, TruthFinder is among the best services available in the United States, but is it free to use?

The answer would have to be no.

TruthFinder is not free to use and yes, you do need a paid membership to be able to access the service. However, that is to be expected, since the kind of access to multiple, extensive databases which they provide to their members is not free for the company to maintain either.

How Much Does a Membership for TruthFinder Cost?

The membership fees will differ in accordance with the plan you choose, so there is an element of decision making involved here. In order to help our readers make the right decision, we will break down the features included in each plan, point out exactly how much the plans cost, and for how long each membership lasts.

One-Month Reverse Phone Lookup Membership Plan

The most basic TruthFinder plan is the Reverse Phone Lookup Membership plan, which costs only $4.99 per month. TruthFinder will renew the membership automatically after the month is over (30 days from the signup date). Your membership will need to be canceled during the 30-day period if the service is no longer required. On cancellation, the service will still last until the 30-days are over, but will not renew automatically. This applies to all three memberships, irrespective of the duration, features or price.

As far as the features are concerned, at $4.99 per month, TruthFinder allows users to perform unlimited reverse phone number lookups from their extensive databases, but no background checks are included in this package. A reverse phone search can reveal the following details about the number and its owner:

  • Name of the person/business calling/texting via SMS
  • Identification of scammers and fraud companies
  • Verification of trusted business callers and SMS senders

One-Month Membership

If you want to check out everything that TruthFinder has to offer, you can do so by opting for the One Month Membership at $27.78 per month. This is the membership that unlocks everything that TruthFinder is about. Something as simple as a phone number search can now unveil massive amounts of information about the number’s owner, which may include the following, where applicable:

  • Full name, nicknames, online/offline aliases
  • Age and birthdate
  • Associated juvenile records
  • Associated criminal records
  • Associated civil and criminal court records
  • Associated traffic violation records
  • Address/addresses
  • The person’s profile on the dark web
  • His/her family tree
  • Associated social media accounts, videos, audio files and images
  • Their educational qualifications and which schools, colleges and universities they went to and when
  • Their employment/unemployment status, previous employment records, liens, debts, bankruptcy declarations and financial holdings
  • Associated professional and personal license details, including gun permits

This isn’t even the full list, and a lot depends on the person being searched and their lifestyle. Keep in mind that all this information can be searched for an unlimited number of times by a full member, but downloading the information via PDF will cost you an additional $2 per report.

Two-Month Membership

The member can avail all facilities included in the One-Month Membership plan for two months but at a lower monthly cost of $23.02 per month. They will need to pay the whole amount in advance though ($46.04 on a bi-monthly recurrence, unless canceled in advance).

The real question should be whether the price of membership is worth it or not on TruthFinder. As far as background checking services are concerned, you won’t find a more comprehensive or better value for money membership than what TruthFinder is offering. If the features match what you are looking for, then starting with a one-month plan is definitely worth the price of membership.

Do you recommend TruthFinder?

Yes totally, I think its the best service out there for information retrevial, easy to use interface, good customer service and its not too expensive. Over all I give it 4.5 stars.

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