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How Much Does Membership at EliteSingles Cost?

By Liz & Aaron

August 8, 2020

Just as the name suggests, Elite Singles is a dating and matchmaking website that believes in setting and maintaining high standards for all its members. It is designed to be an elite dating site for eligible, highly educated singles who are looking for a long-term relationship.

EliteSingles Pricing in a Nut Shell

  • Free Signup
  • Premium Light: 3 months at $34.95 per month (Total payment = $104.85)
  • Premium Classic: 6 Months at $19.95 per month (Total payment = $119.70)
  • Premium Comfort: 12 months at $17.95 per month (Total payment = $215.40)

Is an Elite Singles Membership Too Expensive or is It Affordable Enough for Everyone?

Expensive and affordable are two terms that have extremely variable meanings in respect to the people involved. Nevertheless, the membership costs at Elite Singles can be classified better by pitting their membership fees against that of the other online dating sites. In that respect, a membership at Elite Singles can be defined as being more expensive than the average dating site, but also not costly enough to be considered as overpriced.

Once we consider the fact that this is an online dating website for university educated singles and intellectual academics, it makes more sense as to why Elite Singles has kept their pricing and the quality of their member list above average. To provide more preface to the three membership packages and their associated fees on Elite Singles, check the details below.

  • Premium Light: 3 months at $34.95 per month (Total payment = $104.85)
  • Premium Classic: 6 Months at $19.95 per month (Total payment = $119.70)
  • Premium Comfort: 12 months at $17.95 per month (Total payment = $215.40)

Later on, we are going to go through the elite features that a paid membership unlocks, so that you can decide if the cost of membership is worth it to you or not.

Elite Singles Offers Both Free and Premium Memberships

  • The Android and iOS app is free to download
  • Taking any of the three packages already mentioned will unlock all premium membership features on Elite Singles
  • Premium packages differ only in respect to how long they last, how much they cost, and savings made by choosing a longer package
  • Paying the entire sum at once for a premium package is supported, instead of monthly billings

Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Premium Package?

  • Provides premium members access to the "Big Five" personality Dimension Analysis tool for finding better matches
  • Number of match recommendations on Elite Singles is drastically increased for premium members
  • Premium members can see all photos uploaded by their matches
  • One premium membership unlocks all premium features Elite Singles app on your iPhone or Android smartphone as well
  • No limits on messaging: unlimited chats with all your matches

Direct Comparison Between Free and Premium Membership

Free Membership

This is what everyone has by default as soon as they open an account on Elite Singles. Although it is quite limited as you will see next, there’s no doubt that even the free membership is worth it for a short while, as it offers just enough for newcomers to get acquainted with the online dating site.

  • You can sign up on Elite Singles as a member
  • Free membership includes the personality questionnaires which all members must answer
  • You can see your personality test results
  • Free members can upload a limited number of photos on their account
  • Regular matches in limited numbers are still provided to free members
  • Sending emojis and likes is allowed, but no text-based chatting for free members
  • Provides a decent introduction to Elite Singles

Premium Membership

This is what the free membership builds you up to, and by the time you are fully used to the look and feel of Elite Singles, you will want to be able to chat freely with your matches. Along with plenty of other features that we will shortlist next, proper and unlimited chatting can be unlocked by signing up for any of the three premium membership plans:

  • All of the features provided to free members
  • Insights, analytical reports, explanations and dating tips based on the result of your personality test
  • Unlocks matching with other premium members
  • Unlocks the power to see who visited your profile
  • Unlocks unlimited text chatting with your matches
  • Unlocks all photos uploaded by your matches
  • Unlocks commenting on photos uploaded by members on Elite Singles

Cost of Dating in Real Life vs the Cost of a Premium Membership on Elite Singles

If the cost of real-life dating and online dating can even be compared, one can go as far as stating that premium members on Elite Singles may actually end up saving more money! Although the final objective is to find a partner outside the virtual world of course, Elite Single provides its members with the tools that they need in order to save time, money and emotions that we often end up wasting on fruitless dating.

Intellectual compatibility is what matters above everything else, since our intellect is what makes us human beings in the first place. A matchmaking site that helps its members find matches based on their personality traits, is a platform that focuses on helping people find matches that will have a much higher chance of turning into something meaningful. The premium membership fee also ensures that anyone who does decide to pay them is quite serious about finding a partner with the hope of starting a long-term relationship, which is another advantage that Elite Singles has over the average ONS dating apps.

Conclusion: The Cost of a Premium Elite Singles Membership is Well Worth It

The free account is good for an introduction to online dating in general, and the Elite Singles website in particular. However, that is pretty much all it’s good for, due to the severe limitations imposed on free members by the website. That is, however, a good move in hindsight, since it filters out most members who are not serious enough for the relationship themed website. If you are an academic or a highly qualified single man/woman open to dates, the Elite Singles premium membership offers you the opportunity to maximize on your online dating venture with their premium plans. In that respect, and in view of everything that it unlocks, one would have to conclude that if you want to keep using Elite Singles, then the premium membership is more than worth the cost.


Liz & Aaron

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Hi there! We are Liz and Aaron, a couple that has been together for over 10 years now, but without our ups and downs. Over the past decade we have taken relationship breaks 5 times, during them we have dated other people, even gotten into serious relationships but we always came back together. We are truly in love. So what do we have to say, nothing overly meaningful except that we raked up a ton of dating and relationship experience over the course of the last 10 years. So we are here to share it with you.

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