June 25


Best Dating Sites for New Yorkers

By Liz & Aaron

June 25, 2020

As one of the busiest cities in the world, meeting new people to date in New York is perhaps easier compared to some other locations. But who has the time to go out a lot and hope that somebody suitable comes along? New Yorkers are notoriously busy, and if you’re working long hours, spending all your time at local bars hoping that your special somebody happens to be visiting at the same time just isn’t feasible. Thankfully, there are plenty of dating apps and sites that are designed to fit perfectly into the busy New York lifestyle. If you’re always on the go, these dating sites can easily be used on the move or when you’ve got some spare time at home to meet up with new people and potentially even find your soulmate.

1. Best NYC dating site - eHarmony

eHarmony (also top USA dating site) is a very popular dating site and one of the most long-standing, successful options designed for people who are looking for a real connection. Important points to consider include:

  • ​An average of ten million users worldwide
  • ​A more in-depth sign-up process compared to some other sites; you’ll need to complete a questionnaire in order to improve your chance of finding compatible matches
  • ​Easy to use with a minimalistic layout that’s perfect for anybody new to dating sites
  • Personalized matches every day based on the questions you’ve answered about yourself and what you are looking for
  • Strong activity monitoring on the site, reducing the chance of getting unsolicited messages that you don’t want
  • Free mobile app for members

If you’re looking for a serious relationship and are sick of using dating apps that are only worth it if you’re just looking for a quick fling, eHarmony could be the best option for you. This dating site really allows you to go in-depth about your personality with a range of quirky questions and answers that are used to make sure you are connected with users who are the most compatible for you. It’s ideal for somebody who is looking for a serious relationship; most members are looking for something long-term or marriage.

If you’re tired of connecting with people who don’t want to take the relationship any further and want to avoid getting your feelings messed with, eHarmony is a perfect choice. Since the sign-up process is quite lengthy, it really helps to weed out anybody who isn’t looking for a serious relationship, since you need to sit down and give some thought to whether or not this is what you really want. On the downside, you can’t search members, so you’ll need to rely on the algorithms to find your perfect matches - but the good news is that they’ve done a rather fine job so far, with thousands of happy couples meeting on the site.


Sign up is free, with some basic features. You can then sign up for:

1 month: $59.95/month

3 months: $39.95/month

6 months: $29.95/month

12 months: $19.96/month


  • ​In-depth questionnaires and profile creation increases your chance of finding compatible matches
  • ​Easy to use on either desktop or mobile app
  • ​Algorithms find the most suitable matches for you, taking the guesswork out of online dating


  • ​No same-sex dating options available

​Final Thoughts

​All around the best dating site & app with great customer support, matching systems and security to stop spammers. This was my favorite online dating experience.

​2. Best N​ew York dating site - ​EliteSingles

​EliteSingles is a dating site aimed at busy, working professionals who understand each other. Some key points to consider include:

  • ​Over 13 million members worldwide
  • ​An average of 2,000 successful couples every month
  • ​Designed for career-oriented people
  • ​Personality test required on sign-up
  • ​Profile verification to weed out scammers
  • ​Option to filter matches based on distance

EliteSingles is a dating website aimed at the more mature, working professional. If you are career-oriented and your job comes first, chances are that finding somebody who is on the same wavelength as you is very important, and that’s where EliteSingles comes in. There are parts of the profile here that you wouldn’t typically find on a dating site, such as options to fill out your job role and your salary. If finding somebody who is educated with a good job is important to you, this is the site to be on.

The detailed personality analysis test on sign-up can be a little time-consuming, however, it’s worth it if you want to make sure that you are shown the most compatible matches. New York is a city filled with professionals, so it’s no surprise that this is a fairly popular dating site here. The ‘Have You Met’ feature is also a really nice touch, giving you the chance to meet up with potential matches who fall slightly outside of your set criteria - but might still be ideal for you.


You can join EliteSingles and have a look around for free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid monthly membership if you want to actually meet anybody. Prices are as follows:

1 month: $99.95/month

3 months: $52.95/month

6 months: $39.95/month.


  • ​Perfect for busy, working professionals looking for a likeminded mate
  • ​Option to filter matches by distance makes it easier to find somebody local
  • ​Personality tests make it easier to find compatible matches for you


  • ​Some users complain that their matches don’t always meet their criteria in-person

​Final Thoughts

​If you're looking for a career minded person like yourself then EliteSingles is for you. If you're not so career driven and other things are more important in a relationship then one of the other options are for you.

​​3. Best dating site in New York - ​​Adult Friend Finder

​If you’re looking for a bit of fun rather than something serious, Adult Friend Finder is the place to be. Some important points to consider include:

  • ​​Over 90 million members worldwide
  • ​Adult-oriented and very sex-positive
  • ​Quick 30-second registration
  • ​Games, videos and live broadcasts
  • ​Option to start a blog on the site
  • ​Wide range of free features

If you’re not interested in a long-term relationship or marriage, and just want to find somebody to have some fun with, Adult Friend Finder is an ideal dating site. It’s all about sex and bear in mind that it’s definitely NSFW. There’s a huge range of users to choose from and even though registration only takes a few seconds, you have the option of filling out some questionnaires to help you find compatible matches who are into the same things as you. There are also loads of fun quizzes to take like the ‘Purity Test’ which basically asks you a bunch of questions about what you’ve done or would be willing to do sexually.

Unlike many other dating sites, there’s a huge amount that you can do in the free version. Free members can also complete tasks to earn ‘points’ to unlock stuff that would usually be exclusive to paid members. Adult Friend Finder is more like a social networking site than a dating site but with a huge focus on sex and hookups. When you log in, you’ll see a newsfeed and you can add other members as friends and start sending messages, uploading statuses, photos, videos and more.


Adult Friend Finder is free to join and you can easily get by with just a free membership. However, you can upgrade to a Gold Membership if you want to unlock some exclusive features. Prices are:

1 month: $25/month

3 months: $20/month

12 months: $15/month


  • ​Very flexible with options for more ‘traditional’ dating site questions alongside hookups
  • ​It has won numerous awards including the XBIZ Award for Dating Program of the Year
  • ​It has a very active social community


  • ​The user interface can be complicated compared to some other dating sites

​Final Thoughts

​If you’re looking for a bit of fun rather than something serious, Adult Friend Finder is the place for you.

​​4. Best ​NYC dating site - ​​​Jdate

​​Jdate is a dating site aimed at Jewish people or those who want to be in a relationship with a Jewish person. Some important things to note about this site include:

  • ​180,000 monthly users
  • ​Average user age of 35-49
  • ​Designed for anybody to use, but centered around Jewish values and morals
  • ​Launched in 1997
  • ​Comes with a mobile app
  • ​Sensitive to privacy concerns

Jdate is an ideal dating site to use if you are a member of the Jewish community in New York, or looking to date somebody who is Jewish. It is an ideal choice of dating site for anybody who places a high value on morals within a relationship, with a large community of users following the Jewish religion and traditions. Members of the Jewish community can enjoy a tailored dating experience, and getting started is easy. You can sign up with email or through your Facebook account and are required to give some basic personal information. No personal information like your Zip code will be displayed on your profile.

You will have the option to browse through member profiles in the Matches section, where you are recommended members based on shared preferences. And, the Lookbook allows you to quickly scan through the profiles of members in your area and either like it or pass on it. In your profile, there is the opportunity to go beyond the basic information and add more about your passions, hobbies, interests in values in order to attract more compatible matches.


It is free to join and browse Jdate, but if you want to start interacting with members, you will need to sign up for a paid premium membership. Prices are as follows:

1 month: $59.99/month

3 months: $49.99/month

6 months: $29.99/month


  • ​Ideal for singles looking to find a mate within the Jewish community
  • ​Ability to go into more detail on your profile
  • ​Takes user privacy very seriously


  • ​Not all members are Jewish

​Final Thoughts

​Primarily aimed Jewish people but New York has a huge population.

​​​5. Best ​NYC dating site - ​​​​Spiritual Singles

​Spiritual Singles is a dating site aimed at singles who are looking for that deeper connection. Some important facts to note about this site include:

  • ​Over 160,000 visitors each month
  • ​Comprehensive, transparent matching technology
  • ​Insightful compatibility ratings
  • ​Holistic and spiritually-focused
  • ​No limits on the profiles you can view
  • ​17 years of experience

Spiritual Singles is the ideal site to choose if you want to find potential dates who share a deeper connection and compatibility with you. It goes beyond the basics such as age, height, and location to provide you with matches based on astrology reports and shared spiritual beliefs. Members can complete the Match Questions compatibility section, where you can answer a range of questions about topics such as diet, exercise, and spiritual path to make it easier for you to find other members who share similar views and values to your own.

The site comes with a huge range of compatibility and personality testing exercises, along with insightful match technology, to help you find singles with a lifestyle similar to your own. It’s easy to see how and why you could be a potentially good match for another profile before deciding whether to go ahead and get in touch. Signing up is a quick, transparent process with just three steps involved. Once you have joined, it can take anything between 1-8 hours for your profile to be manually approved - but it’s worth the wait for this extra level of security that weeds out fake profiles and enhances the experience.


Spiritual Singles is free to join, but you will need to upgrade to a premium version to match and communicate with other users. Prices are as follows:

1 month: $19.00

3 months: $39.00

6 months: $60.00


  • ​Based on lifestyle choices and beliefs that are likely to be important to you when finding a match
  • ​Plenty of handy features like greeting messages that you can take advantage of when getting in touch with other members
  • ​Thorough security checking process for all new members


  • ​No mobile app available

​Final Thoughts

​Looking for a deeper connection with someone? If you are someone who considers yourself ​having a strong spiritual dimension then this dating website is for you.

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