August 8


How Much Does AdultFriendFinder Cost?

By Liz & Aaron

August 8, 2020

Usually, the higher the price, the higher the quality. This is true for just about every product and service, and internet dating shouldn’t be any different.

AdultFriendFinder was one of the earliest websites on the net to offer matchmaking online, and its service and security have stood the test of time. It has held firm against a lot of sophisticated hacking attacks and technical challenges to offer its users peace of mind as well as dating services.

Adult Friend Finder Pricing Right Now:

  • Free Signup (limited functionality)
  • 1 month for $39.95
  • 3 months for $26.95 per month
  • 12 months for $19.95 per month

Its premium packages can seem expensive when compared to its competitors, but with a closer look, it becomes easier to see why people continue to pay for the service; its quality. Before you commit to anything, however, it's always worth taking an in-depth look at any product or service, so here is our review of AdultFriendFinder and what makes it one of the most popular dating sites on the web.

Why Choose AdultFriendFinder?

The world we live in today is much more liberal, not only in terms of politics and economics, but also when it comes to relationships and individual sexuality. This has led to the creation of a number of niches online to satisfy the increasing demands of society. AdultFriendFinder fills one of these niches by offering people, regardless of the gender, sexual preferences or marital status, to meet likeminded and sexually liberated individuals for mutually beneficial hookups without having to be concerned about hurting someone else, or yourself, in the process. The premise behind AdultFriendFinder is that meetups from the site should be fun, without long-term commitments or obligations.

If you are looking to meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy non-committal hookups, then why not use a tried and trusted company that has a history of protecting user information and enjoys a high success rate for matchmaking? AdultFriendFinder was one of the earliest sites developed for this kind of dating, and has received numerous industry awards for its work and its website. It has consistently received awards for Best Adult Dating Site (2012), Best Dating Company (2015 and 2016).

The site does not pretend to be something it is not, and nor do its users. This is an adult site populated by adults looking to meet up and have fun. You should be prepared to encounter adult content on the site, including photos and videos and language on user profiles and chats. It is important to be open to - and not judgmental of - other people’s tastes and interests. If you be yourself too, you will get the most back from the site and the friends you make there.

Many people on AdultFriendFinder are predominantly looking for casual hookups, and will express their feelings and thoughts on sex, fantasies and fetishes openly. Many people come to this site to exhibit their sexier and kinkier side that they don’t show openly in public, and this is your opportunity to do the same. If you engage in the same way, you will find people on the site that you can have fun with too. Feel free, fun and sexy when you build your profile.

Without a premium level membership, you will struggle to get the most from the site and connect with others. Paying for a membership allows you to contact members and view more of their content, and even watch live streamed video from other users. Membership from AdultFriendFinder offers many more features than other internet dating services.

Whatever your gender or sexual preferences, you can find a community of people to engage with and you will start making friends straight away. There are millions of members from all across the world, and you can even make friends in faraway places to visit on a vacation. LGBTQ+ members are well represented on the site, and can freely express themselves free of any judgement or discrimination. This is also true for people who live non-traditional lifestyles, such as polyamorous couples and throuples. No matter what your status, or if you are single, a part of a couple, or even a part of a group, you can find people on AdultFriendFinder to have fun with.

  • A sexual safe-haven for people from all over the world
  • An award-winning online dating service
  • Millions of members with plenty of content available
  • Date without commitments
  • Everyone is welcome!

AdultFriendFinder Pricing?

When you upgrade to a premium level ‘Gold Membership’ at AdultFriendFinder, you will be greeted with three options:

  • 1 month for $39.95
  • 3 months for $26.95 per month
  • 12 months for $19.95 per month

If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to just try a basic membership for a while to experience the site and see if it suits you. When you do decide to upgrade, consider the savings that a 12-month package represents. If you think you are going to enjoy the site and use it a lot, you can save 50% on the one-month cost by buying a full year subscription.

With a free membership, you can still like videos and photos you see on other members profiles, create a hotlist of your favorite members, join groups and comment on blogs, and make basic searches. You will quickly find the limitations of a free membership, however.

A Gold membership allows you to view a user’s full profile and send and receive messages to and from any user. You can also make full use of the chat feature, and watch livestream videos from your favorite users. With a Gold membership, you will get access to all the cool features that make this site special.

The cost of AdultFriendFinder includes all of its tight security measures and features that protect its user data. It uses GoDaddy’s platform to host the website, which is also highly rated for its security. This extra layer of protection helps to prevent attacks from hackers and online fraudsters.

They also take user verification seriously, preventing ‘catfishing’ and bogus profiles, ensuring that when you are chatting online to someone, they are a real person and not a bot or prank.  The site and its software are under constant refinement and development, helping to make it one of the most successful sites online. When you pay for an AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership, you are making a worthwhile and safe investment.

AdultFriendFinder versus Dating in Real Life

Dating services like AdultFriendFinder take all of the hard work out of ‘real life’ dating. If you saw someone in a bar or nightclub, you would have no idea what they expect from someone or what their interests are.

At AdultFriendFinder, you can browse a person’s profile and get a really good idea about them, and what their interests are, and not just their sexual interests. This removes a lot of the pressure from making ‘the first move’ or trying to spark a conversation with someone. This stops people from wasting their time trying to hook up with people that aren’t interested, and helps people quickly make interesting connections with other users.

AdultFriendFinder also helps cut down on complications and miscommunications that can cause problems in real life dating. If you are not looking for a long-term relationship, it can be difficult to find likeminded people looking for the same thing, and this can cause a lot of friction and heartache. On AdultFriendFinder, no one is leading anyone on or making promises that they don’t intend to keep. Everyone is looking for a fun and commitment-free casual encounter.

When you first make your profile on the site, pay attention to the detail and the few commitments you are making. You agree that you are using the site to look for casual and safe sex, or occasional hook-ups with the other members. People on this site are not looking for long-term partners or marriage, and if you are, then this isn’t the best site for you. AdultFriendFinder is populated by accounts looking to make casual acquaintances for casual sex, and nothing more.

The free features of the site are a great way to try before you buy, and get a small taste of what you can expect from a Gold-level membership. You won’t be able to get the complete experience of everything AdultFriendFinder has to offer without making the upgrade to Gold, however. The key to success on the site is communication with other members, and this is severely restricted on a free account. You do get a lot of value for money from AdultFriendFinder once you pay for a subscription, so it is worth bearing this in mind when you start exploring the site while still a free-level member; things get even better with Gold.

Real life dating is hard. Not only do you have to try and fit your busy schedule around someone else's life, you also have to navigate all the pitfalls and risks of modern romance. It is easy to see why hook-up and casual dating sites like AdultFriendFinder have become so popular.

We think that if casual hook-ups suit you better, and are what you are looking for right now, then AdultFriendFinder is the site for you. From a short time browsing the site, and taking advantage of Gold level features, you will be able to meet lots of new friends, and have a lot of fun!

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