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We invite industry experts with decades of experience in their field to come and share what they have learned.

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Over 2000+ Years of Experience and Still Counting

Years of Experience

We only allow people who are true experts to contribute to Expert Cog, typically contributors have decades of experience behind them.

True Expertise

You can rest assure we vet our contributors very carefully. As a result we want our readers to be able to trust our information.


Our number one rule is research, we make sure that research is top of our list. This ensures our content is of high quality.

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We use experience to create expert content

Why read content curated by a journalist who may not understand the detail?  We are in the age of connection, there is no excuse not to have high quality information tailored for a lay audience. 

You deserve high quality content that is honest and accurate. This is what you will find at Expert Cog.

The difference between someone who has a decade of experience in the field compared to a journalist putting an article together in one day is very different.

This concept is at the heart of Expert Cog, our mission is to connect these experts with the public. Why read the best guess of a journalist? we are in the age of connection, there is no excuses.

You deserve quality, honest and accurate content. This is what we aim to distribute.


Meet Some of Our Expert Cogs

After 50 years of watch making in Vienna Austria I decided share my experience with Expert Cog. I am delighted to be here.

Victor Dietrich

Watch expert

Matthew has been a Journalist for over a decade and understands the value of accurate information and quality content. Expert Cog is his vision.

Matthew Dobinson

Chief Editor

Matt is our security expert, anything security related feel free to reach out and ask questions. That ranges from background checks to gadgets.

Matt Callenburn